Universal Proutist Farmers Federation (UPFF) is a socio-economic and cultural organization with the following aims and objectives:

  1. To unite and inspire all farmers for the progressive and constructive utilization of their potentialities.
  2. To imbue farmers with moral and ideological inspiration.
  3. To create socio-economic awareness among farmers.
  4. To guard against all forms of exploitation, corruption and injustice in all fields of agriculture.
  5. To work to ensure that agriculture has the same status as industry.
  6. To work to abolish unemployment by stabilizing labor conditions in rural areas through the establishment of agricultural industries according to the co-operative system.
  7. To build a balanced, decentralized and progressive rural economy based on the principles of PROUT.
  8. To ensure the adoption and implementation of the most modern sustainable agriculture techniques and to educate farmers in the proper use of these techniques.
  9. To maintain ecological balance and the preservation and humane treatment of all animal and plant species.

The programs of UPFF include:

  1. Conducting seminars’ conferences, workshops, study circles, peoples’ day schools (PDS) and peoples’ night schools (PNS) in rural communities.
  2. Publishing newsletters and magazines to disseminate PROUT and act as a forum for progressive ideas and developments in agriculture.
  3. Establishing centers for physical development, cultural expression, mental expansion and spiritual emancipation to help farmers develop the moral and ideological foundation to implement PROUT.
  4. Establishing Research Centers to develop new and progressive farming techniques to help solve the agricultural problems confronting farmers.
  5. Research and development of new sustainable economic models for farming.
  6. Promoting and supporting the concept of local agriculture and the benefits of consuming locally grown foods.
  7. Establish producers’ co-operatives to help small farmers get their products to market.
  8. Support the establishment of modern, efficient and profitable agricultural industries in rural areas and work to establish a strong rural economy based on Proutistic principles.
  9. Encourage the development of a vibrant rural environment and dynamic provincial centers to check the exodus of the rural population to large cities and to encourage decentralized economy.
  10. Support water conservation and the development of appropriate and efficient irrigation facilities.
  11. Encourage organic, sustainable and ecological farming techniques, the ecological use of fertilizers, pesticides and methods of weed control, and humane treatment in animal and plant farming and reproduction.
  12. Establish various associations of farmers to promote their interests and educate them in the ideals of PROUT.